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So I read his article on GQ July 2008 and I must say I FRIGGIN LOVED IT! It was honest, bitter, witty, and entertaining. Well, for me, at least. Maybe somehow I totally get his point of view. Doesn’t mean that I grew up in unhappy family (I’ve read a little about his history that he grew up in an unhappy Orthodox Jewish family) to get his point of view. In fact, i grew up well with tremendous happiness. 🙂




Anyway, after I read his article, I’m planning to buy his books titled Foreskin’s Lament : A Memoir and Beware of God : Stories. After googling here and there and read a couple reviews, I found his book are really worth to buy and read. Makes me wanting more to buy them soon! I wonder if they’re available here in Indonesia. I haven’t got the chance to look for them in stores.


If you read this while you’re eating, the food will come out your nose. Foreskin’s Lament is a filthy and slightly troubling dialogue with God, the big, old, physically abusive ultra orthodox God who brought His Chosen People out of Egypt to torture them with non-kosher Slim Jims. I loved this book and will never again look at the isolated religious nutjobs on the fringe of American society with anything less than love and understanding.”

– Matt Klam, author of Sam the Cat, on Foreskin’s Lament : A Memoir


… (an) extraordinary collection, which has an energy, a precision and a deep black humour I haven’t seen in a long time. I suggest you read it, in order, in one go. It won’t take long; the stories are short. It’s like drinking 14 shots of vodka. The effect is similarly disorienting… They read as though they have, in the writer’s dream formulation, written themselves. I found myself asking, again and again, “why hasn’t this been done already?” That’s a good sign – a sign, almost, of genius; or at least of something pretty close to it. You will not get these out of your head once they’re in there.”

– Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian, on Beware of God : Stories


For more info about him and his works, check his official website out!

Auslander’s picture from here.


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July 19, 2008 at 3:05 pm

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