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Amare Re-Opening Party

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Last night I attended Amare Re-Opening Party. After few months closed for its renovation, Amare held the re-opening party on May 24th, 2008. The place a bit bigger than before due to no more outdoor balcony now, it become a part of the main hall. The outdoor lounge didn’t change, just as the same as before. They put mirror all over the ceiling that makes the place seems bigger, as they planned I guess. More or less, you still can feel the old Amare ambience, not as I expected of course. I thought it’s gonna be really different.

The crowd was fun! There were my friends and other familiar faces as I’ve guessed. And I’ve witnessed some of the guests not allowed to enter the venue by the Amare management because they didn’t dress up properly enough to be a part of the party. Poor them! Don’t ask me about the DJs’ music or performance, including DJ Alice Norin from Spinach Records who was the main DJ of the night. I was too drunk to care what they’re playing, HA! Anyway, when i was trying to find my friend at the backstage, I accidentally saw the sexy dancers changing their clothes! Though it was just a glimpse because my friend immediately pushed me away 😀 . The funny part is there was a guy (the bodyguard i guess) who was smiling while looking the girls changing their clothes, hahah, it just his luck! FYI, the girls without a doubt have sexy body but when talking about their face, not so really. I guess that’s why we called them sexy dancers instead of sexy and beautiful dancers, LOL.

Sorry, no picture uploaded here. I didn’t bring my digicam last night and my phone camera is so shitty in the indoors with bad lighting.


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May 25, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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