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One of my wish list is a good book and I want a book that interesting yet broaden my knowledge. I’ve tried to find the right one and I think it must be Buzz Marketing by Mark Hughes. It’s available in Periplus Book Store, but I haven’t bought it yet considering its price. You know that I’m still the person who prefer his money to be spent on gadgets/clothes/foods than good books. I’ve heard that there’s the Indonesian language version of it which means the price must be more affordable. But I haven’t got the chance yet to hit some local book stores to find it.


I know that my birthday is not coming any soon, but who knows one of you feel generous to buy me that book 🙂 Anyway, have you ever read it? I’d be happy to know what you think about it. Or maybe you have a better book for me to read, let me know!


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May 10, 2008 at 1:19 pm

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