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In The Need of Duffel

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On the weekdays, I carry two bags to work. One is for work-related schtuff and the other one is for gym schtuff, and plus a shoes bag. Though I keep one of them on the car, depends on my activity, I found it a bit annoying. If there’s a problem with my car then it’s become REALLY annoying.
Shortly, I need a decent and durable duffel bag so it’s still appropriate to use it to work and it contains ALL of my schtuff (MacBook and its kit, iPod, memo pad, agenda book, gym clothes and shoes, tumbler, cell phones, a pack of cigs, etc.). I’d love to have like one of these :


*Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

And of course, I need the affordable one 😉 I wonder if i can find one of those in “Gede Bage” market, hahah, I wish!


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April 25, 2008 at 3:15 pm

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