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Here I am. Wide awake at this hour (2.45 AM). I should be enjoying my sweet dream (or having a nightmare) by this moment. Instead of it, I’m writing this blog and listening to the nice music from Tortured Soul. It actually kinda funny and or ironic, right? you know, “nice” and “tortured” are not likely to be put together in the same sentence. Anyway, I guess lots of things goin on my mind right now so they still keep me up til this late. Not bad things, nor good things. WTF?! Right, I have no idea what am talkin about.


Earlier I wrote down things that need to be done or to buy. Damn, those things cost me a lot. When i say a lot, i mean A LOT. Yeah, I need to start making priorities. But you know when the urge to do or buy something is come, hell…… you simply forget those priorities! Ah! Something just came up! I need to write another thing to do in my To-Do Lists. Wait.

*Writing down….*

K, am back! Ready? Alright, so I’m planning to have a day off today. What’s on my agenda? Hmm… I dunno… perhaps shiatsu? dvds hunting? working out? junk food day? swimming? buying one (or two) of those things? or just lazing around at home? Perhaps. Just perhaps. One thing for sure, am hungry right now! Goin to make some food in a minute. In the situation like this, don’t you ever feel extra GRATEFULNESS to the founder of microwave? Because I do, hahah. Microwave rocks! Hell, am starting to talk non-sense shits way further 😀

Alrighty. Buh-bye!



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April 22, 2008 at 3:00 am

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